Cigars are a unique product that brings people together and that’s exactly how Hollywood and Charles met. Over time they became good friends and one day while smoking cigars, they were talking about the idea of building a mobile cigar lounge out of an airstream.  After 3 months of looking for an airstream, they found one that met their criteria.  Hollywood and Charles were told that this particular airstream was built for Miranda Lambert to be used as a green room while she was out on Tour.  But due to unforeseen circumstances, from the Covid-19 pandemic that was happening throughout the world, she had to back out of the build.  The airstream had already been gutted and remodeled to include a feature wall and bar, so Hollywood and Charles chose to build their design around these two features.   After 6 months of planning and hard work, H & C Mobile Cigar Lounge was complete. In 2022, Charles went on to pursue other ventures and Hollywood took over the mobile cigar lounge.

The purpose of this luxury mobile cigar lounge is to bring people together over the love of cigars, relaxation, and camaraderie.




Born and raised in Southern Minnesota.

He joined the army at 18, Desert Shield, and is a Desert Storm Veteran.  While in the military, he started smoking cheap cigars and continued to smoke occasionally after the Army.  In 1999 he moved to Arizona for motorcycle mechanics school and then moved back to Minnesota.  After 2 years in Minnesota, he moved back to Arizona where he has been living since.  In 2002 he started smoking fine cigars more often. While visiting local shops he met new friends and enjoyed the conversations with other cigar smokers. Eventually he became a regular at some of the shops.

In 2014 while at one of his local shops he was given the nickname “Hollywood “.  In conversation he told the guys he had been on a Motorcycle Build Show on the History Channel. They all tuned in to watch and after seeing him on TV they all joked about how he needed red carpet treatment since he had been on TV and went all Hollywood.  So from then on the name stuck.  To this day when he goes into a Cigar Lounge, he’ll introduce himself as Hollywood because that’s what everyone knows him as.

For the past few years he had an idea for a mobile cigar lounge but never knew how to make it happen.  He kept the idea to himself until one day he told his good friend Charles.  Charles thought it was a great idea and said let’s do it.  It wasn’t long after they found the airstream trailer that fit their criteria, and H&C Mobile Cigar Lounge was created.


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